pastor carol v. taylor is the daughter of robert and carol smith of aberdeen, maryland. she serves as the pastor of word of faith international outreach with her husband bishop melvin t. taylor, senior pastor/founder since 1999. she is the proud mother to five children; and five grandchildren.

pastor carol an ordained evangelist has her associates degree in biblical studies and has worked with youth and adults for the past twenty seven years. she serves as pastor and the director for the women of distinction and has traveled internationally and across the united states ministering to all; excepting her assignment to “prepare his body for his return” in addition to the church, pastor carol is very active in her community. she is called on consistently to share her insight concerning community needs, resources and the church's role in the community.  she serves on the harford county cancer and tobacco coalition. she serves on the harford family house board of directors, she serves on the united way of central maryland partnership board and she has served as a chaplain in the harford county detention center paving the way for other local ministries.

pastor carol holds various offices in harford county. as commissioner, she sits on the highway safety commission, mental health and addictions advisory board, and on the youth commission.  she serves as the director of face-it, which is a faith based coalition uniting congregations and combating substance abuse.  she has served as a monthly facilitator for marriage works cecil county, providing marriage enrichment classes as well as a facilitator for celebrating families, a court mandated program for children of alcoholics/addicts and their parents.

she provides consulting services for such agencies/organizations as the harford county health department, win family services and has initiated the pastors and community leaders networking summit, a quarterly forum created to allow for collaboration to yield sustainable community success. she has opened in prayer and shared words of wisdom at many distinguished events, serving as a facilitator in many of the county’s conferences.  her keen eye to detail and god-given wisdom has made her an essential voice and example within local and state government.

she has many certifications such as; strategic planning for non-profits, is an associate prevention specialist, is a prepare and enrich marriage coach and a certification in strategic organizational leadership to name a few; with strategic leadership being her passion.  she was also the harford county's martin luther king “humanitarian” award recipient, she was nominated as harford’s most beautiful and was featured in harford magazine; one of three women because of her ”exceptional community leadership” and extraordinary contributions to her community. 

in 2010, pastor carol heard the call to launch out into the deep beginning the "just living tele-conference". in july of 2011, she took "just living” broadcast live on tv and formed just living empowerment ministries, a non-proï¬ÂÂt ministry of empowerment.  in addition to all of the above she was a participating author in “moving from struggle to deliverance”, a collection of over 35 women’s testimonies. pastor taylor has a lot going on she is finalizing the development of smith-taylor consulting; from your business, church, organization and/or your personal event we are the first stop for all your planning needs. “providing all the essential details to what you imagine” she is planning to host at least two conferences this year, one being “restoring sexual wholeness to the body of christ”


pastor carol v. taylor serves faithfully alongside her husband as an anointed teacher and preacher of god’s word. she has been blessed to travel with her husband on a few of his numerous missionary journeys and has been called to the nations as well.   she has added international empowerment as a part of just living and was blessed to take her first assignment in lagos, nigeria, then on to johannesburg, south africa and lastly paris, france. 


pastor taylor is a true worshipper and keeps an intimate relationship with god and stays in pursuit of fulfilling her purpose for being here with a passion to encourage others to do the same. she has yielded herself to the lord to be used as a prophetic vessel to speak a word for this season; a word to set the captive free and declare liberty to those who are bound. to decree and declare freedom and purpose to be released in the lives of god’s people.   she has accepted her assignment in the kingdom for such a time as this.