Christian Education Department


Mission Statement

Our mandate for 2010 and beyond is to rightly divide the word of truth to those searching for the truth.  The standard for Word of Faith International Outreach Christian Education Department will be Triple E—Excellence that Empowers to Evangelism.  We love God and God’s people and we want to commit unto God as we strive to carry out the great commission that was given us in Matthew, chapter 28. 

The Word of God tells us to study to show ourselves approved, a workman unto God that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  We cannot impart that which we do not know.  At Word of Faith, we strive to teach a Word of God that will produce productive and anointed workers to build up the Kingdom of God. 

At the age of 12 years old, our Lord stayed back at the temple and was missed by his parents for three days.  When they found Jesus, he was at the temple teaching and answering their questions.  Throughout his ministry, Jesus taught and trained his chosen twelve with a passion that they would understand the word of truth that comes from above.  It would be with that understanding of the word that he would empower them in their evangelism. 

We have several auxiliaries under the Christian Education Umbrella:  Children’s Church, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Home Bible Studies (a structured 12-week course), and our Bible Institute.

We welcome you to Word of Faith’s Bible Institute 2010 academic year:  We are excited about the opportunity you will have to learn about the Lord and what His Word teaches.  We are looking forward to a blessed and productive year.


Listed are the classes that will be presented to the attending students:

The Doctrine of Theology

Oneness of God

Old Testament/New Testament Survey

The Gospels

The Epistles

Eschatology:  The Books of Daniel and Revelations


Water Baptism

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Building Christian Leaders

Pulpit Etiquette

Conflict Resolution


New Member Classes